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Friday, June 09, 2006

Organizing the roll-out.

We initially planned to deploy the changes gradually to the analysts, gradually meaning: right after they attended the training. But we identified a few incompatibility issues between the old and the new way - we'll have troubles running them in parallel. Not only the tools is adjusted in many ways (categories, prioritization, role based behavior) , but also the analysts will need to change their habits! Some old and new habits will collide. So we will phase the changes differently.

Here's our draft plan (you are the first ones to see it!):

  1. Announce the changes and the plan
    Providing links to the documentation, training material and training environment.
  2. (wait one week)
  3. Deploy tool changes 1:
    Reviewed call categories. This will not have much impact on the old process, and will allow the users to "train" on the job - getting some questions ready for the training. That will be a hot topic, as we will be categorizing by service now.
  4. Train the analysts on all the changes (spread over 3 weeks)
  5. Deploy tool changes 2 + aligning IT reactivity with priorities:
    Reviewed impact, prioritization, "shortcut buttons", queues, etc in the tool. These are the changes that we may deploy to analysts as they get the training, but this adds complexity to our roll-out... So we might as well deploy them once training was done to everyone.
  6. (observe how we are doing for one or two months)
  7. Deploy tool changes 3 + escalation:
    Automatic escalation and alarms, follow-up by Service Desk + e-mail escalation (if we do not need to escalate too many calls each day!).

Obviously we've still got some preparation work to do before starting this! And we've only got two weeks left! Wish us luck!


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