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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Here's how our Incident Management project was announced to the IT staff...

First, it was mentionned at a staff meeting (PC support and Sysops) at the same time as 4 other projects. In 2 minutes max, the sponsor (who had almost forgot to mention it) described it as "more enhancements to the Service Desk tool, and improvements to the escalation process." Not exactly in line with the message I would like to convey - this is a real "process improvement project", that will require staff and managers to change their habits in order to better serve our customers - but that was already better than nothing :D

Actually, to me the objective of the first announcement was only to see if the sponsor was ready to talk about it public. And give the project some exposure.

Then, and that's the better part, it got announced to all the IT staff via an internal IS news a few days later, with details on goals, scope, schedule, project team, along with a link to a full presentation of the project. The announcement was prepared by me but signed by both sponsors.

The goal of that second annoncement was twofolds: display the sponsors' commitment, and let IT staff know that they are going to be involved and impacted.

As many people were on vacation, I could not get much feedback then, out of the encouragements from the colleagues who know how much I have been lobbying for this project! We'll see if the announcement has reached its goal when we do the kickoff meeting in 2 weeks, and when we try to get people collaborate for the design and deployment of the improvements...


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