An ITIL project in the real world

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It looks allright with our SAP project - there are more dependencies from the Incident Management project to the SAP project (this is what I had already identified, one of the drivers for doing the project) than there are dependencies from the SAP project into our Incident Management project. I should have tomorrow the official confirmation from the guy in charge of organizing support for the SAP project...

However, now that the project is getting closer to the official sign-off, some managers are getting anxious that it could be dragging too much of their resources :D That should be an easy one to tackle ;-)

I'm not so surprised at the difficulties we're facing. With all concerns expressed now, they can be managed upfront, clearing the way to the project! But I wouldn't be surprised if we have to deal with a few bumps - and maybe some big ones!


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