An ITIL project in the real world

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What is this first ITIL project about?

Here are more details on what we are trying to do: as I explained in the very first post, we want to go ITIL discipline by discipline, and we are trying to start...Incident Management.

This Incident Management project is supposed to start ASAP, and finish in September. The proposed project is made of 9 initiatives - 4 easy ones and 5 tougher ones, spreading the deliverables all along the project. In summary here's what we'll do:

  • In the Service Support tool, review support group names and categorization, base them on services, not on organization hierarchy.
  • Write and deploy guidelines for qualifying Incidents correctly (ie identify what is high priority, which group it can be escalated to, etc.)
  • Setup some general OLAs within IS, organize escalation paths, define how crisis are handled.
  • Clearly identify roles and responsibilities along the Incident Lifecycle (but that's a tougher one.)
  • Organize communication through the Service Desk.
  • Allow users to submit calls and view status online.


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