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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Our ITIL Incident Management project is slowly beginning - now that IT managers are back from holidays (including myself ;-) ) .

We started with something quite basic: reviewing the support groups in our Incident Management tool. Going to each group one by one, asking them what they really support, simplify naming, add descriptions to groups, making sure that important services have their dedicated group, and shaving off some of the unused groups. That should help us in 2 ways: first, it will be easier for 1st level support to escalate to the appropriate group or analysts, second it will provide more targeted queues to the 2nd level support groups. The list details are 90% complete. We'll get the last 10% by Tuesday next week latest. Then a little bit of advertising, a few code adjustments, and we'll be ready for deployment.

Next week will be our first intense serie of workshops. We'll draft the activities, roles and responsibilities for recording, categorizing and qualifying Incidents, as well as the basic escalation principles, and a very general OLA. Why such a rush? Because we need these basics to start a real discussion with the managers of the support organization. Without some draft proposal, we would face real difficulties for building something constructive. Drafting should be short. Getting the agreements will take more time. I'll tell you how that approach works out.

In 10 days only, we'll have our kick-off meeting. Why a kickoff after the real beginning of the project? Does that make any sense? Actually, we have some short deadlines. If we need to wait until all people involved are available for the kick-off to start doing anything, we'll never be ready in time. So we're doing the preparation work. When everyone will be fully aware of the project, we'll be ready to move fast.


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