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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Feedback of the sponsors on our first Incident Management recommendations.

Now all 3 sponsors heard the recommendations from the task force, on how to address some of our support issues with Incident Management. In a few words: they like it :D

Overall, they like that it will help us become more professional and deliver a more consistent level of service. They also like the improved transparency it will provide. And yes, they will push the message down. Actually, before it goes down, we will present it to the CIO, as although the recommendations do not imply that we hire additional resources immediately, in the long term, the new way to manage Incidents will highlight the weaknesses in our support, and we will need to address them.

A few other comments that they made on the presentation:
  1. the project will contribute to improve our efficiency, we should highlight this more.
  2. we'll also need to highlight for the teams what they will gain out of it.
  3. they like that it will make it clear for all groups that they also have a support role.
  4. we need to highlight that when the service is restored with a workaround, support still needs to take actions to address the root cause of the problem.
  5. yes, Incident resolution has priority over projects, but impact on the project must still be taken into consideration.
  6. when we are in problem mode, the problem manager is empowered to get other team members to work on the problem - we used the words "the problem manager has authority to action other team" which they thought was too strong.
  7. the objectives we proposed will improve focus on Incident Management, but we will need to make sure it is in balance with Project Management activities.

So we can carry on with our recommendations. I need to organize a presentation to the CIO, have the necessary changes built in the tool, prepare communication & training, and make sure the sponsors drill down the message through the hierarchy. We've got two months left only!


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