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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Outcome of the 3 half day workshops on the basics Incident Management.

Last week was a great week :D The 3 workshops we had with representatives from each IS support groups were very fruitful. We agreed on the basics (same as detailed 2 weeks ago), with very few variations, and on how to make the change happen. Everyone was really excited about the topic - they sounded like "true? we're gonna get this?" We also agreed on how to prioritize Incidents, and on how Incidents that are now resolved in time would be escalated.

The best part of the workshops happened while we were trying to find out how to successfully roll out these "Incident Management basics"... We knew it would require strong management support (sounds like a no brainer)... but... how could we get the sponsors to actually support the change? Here's what the team came up with: the sponsors or the IT Vice President himself should present the Incident Management basics to the managers. That way, it won't be the project or the project manager trying to get the change through. It will be the top management telling their team what they want them to do. This is different. I complained to the team: while I was feeling comfortable instructing all IS employees on what habits they would need to change, convincing the sponsors that they would need to present it themselves sounded like another challenge. The whole team quickly replied they would stand by me to present the basic principles to the sponsors (and the VP if possible), and ask them to proceed that way! The afternoon after the 3rd workshop, I've immediately setup a meeting with the whole team and one of the two sponsors in two weeks (he wasn't extremely interested, but accepted the meeting anyway). I'll try to organize the same with the VP and the other sponsor if I can...

Now I need to pack the workshop recommendations together into something that can be easely presented to the sponsors (and the VP?), massage it with the team and some managers, and jump to the next step!

In parallel, we also need to progress on the other intiatives...


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